Workshops for schools

DIsegnoINsegno Association itinerant workshops have already been held for years in many schools, associations, public and private institutions, and are mainly addressed to nursery and primary school children. Their aim will be agreed with the association or the school teachers; the price will be determined in advance and in accordance with the materials which are going to be used, the number of participants and the session’s duration.

For further information, please contact Antonio Postacchini: – Phone 334 9574983



Here are some workshop examples with different aims:

Afterschool Art Activities at Scuole Carducci

Workshops for small groups of up to 15 children run by artists with youth expertise for learning about and practising various art techniques.

Meeting an artist

Carlo Zauli, his time, his town, his clay sculptures (Project Mus.e Bologna: Primary school Pezzani).

Exploring the visual perception laws

Through several tools, like pencil, brush, clay, paper and recycled materials (Project Mus.e Bologna: Primary school Pezzani).

Learning about clay

Body experience for a direct observation of this material metamorphosis when it combines with air, water, heat (In Bologna: Argilledintorni, Primary school Fiorini, Nursery and Primary School in Marzabotto, Pianoro, Vergato, Grizzana, Sasso Marconi, Vado, Centro Giovanile Giardini Margherita).

Paper and how to re-use it

From 2005 till today, thanks to the work done with Centro Antartide Association in the framework of the so called “Carta da Carta” project, many primary and middle school pupils had the chance to personally try out the paper recycling methods for the production of paper sheets and threedimensional objects.

Understanding waste cycle and recycle

While carrying out the “rifiuti a scuola” scheme (school waste) by Centro Antartide Association an important work has been done in primary, middle and high schools in order to give students full information on the waste cycle and promote a creative approach towards materials earlier considered useless.

Images of our school workshops